What I Like to Read

What I Like to Read

I don't like reading blog posts, especially my own blog posts.

A good blog needs to have a target audience, and for many online bloggers, that audience is themselves. I've gotten behind of this idea, and accordingly, I've purged every post here that I wouldn't read myself.

It's so very difficult to write for me. For one, I get bored incredibly quickly, and have a short attention span. I like to have some conclusion or moral of the text within line of sight. I tried to read blogs like Brain Pickings, by Maria Popova, and it just doesn't click for me: maybe it's just too much content, too much meandering. I don't like pensive, lukewarm explorations on a topic.

So what do I like to read then? Anything that blows my mind, especially if it proves me wrong. I spend so much time reading content I disagree with: I get off to the bloodsport of comparing my model of the world to someone else's.

I love David Perell's blog: he's the inspiration behind my writing. His takes on tech and the internet are pure gold. His takes on philosophy and society are Christian, wacky, and, well, his own, and when I read them, I get more interested in his overall work and perspectives.

The All in Podcast is one of my favorites: so many intelligent takes, and it's humbling to see these smart, rich world-class performers have to reconcile their views and experience with one another. Everyone has their hot takes and bad takes.

So when it comes to writing content for my own blog, how can I come up with posts that I myself would be interested in? There's nothing new to discover, nothing to prove me wrong. Where's the novelty in reading your own work?

That's something we'll find out next time (hopefully)!